Editor de código “Sublime text”


Nos ha causado una muy grata impresión el editor de códigoSublime text” disponible para Linux, Windows, y Mac y queríamos presentároslo.

Simplemente os dejamos el enlace a la web.
El enlace a una revisión completa del programa (en inglés).
Y la lista de características (también en inglés):

  • Side by side multi-pane editing
  • Minimap: see your code from 10,000 feet
  • Full screen mode: use all your pixels, all the time
  • Nothing but text mode: the text, the whole text, and nothing but the text
  • Syntax highlighting for many languages with C, C++, C#, CSS, D, Erlang, HTML, Groovy, Haskell, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, Matlab, OCaml, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, TCL, Textile and XML supported out of the box, and more available for download
  • Multiple color schemes, with several included, and many more available for download
  • Bracket highlighting
  • Auto save: never lose your changes, not even if the dog thinks power cords are tasty
  • Fully customizable key bindings, menus and toolbar
  • Rich key binding language including sequenced key bindings, regular expression key matches, contextual bindings and parameterized bindings
  • Python plugins with a rich API
  • Rich selection of editing commands, including indenting / unindenting, paragraph reformatting, line joining and much more
  • Multiple selections: Simplify many tasks that used to require macros or regular expression
  • Column select
  • Regular expression search and replace
  • Incremental find as you type
  • Preserve case on replace
  • Bookmarks: Makes navigating through long files a breeze
  • Spell check as you type
  • Bracket matching
  • Commenting and uncommenting blocks of text
  • Asynchronous file loading, so you’re never blocked when loading files off slow network drives
  • Macros
  • Snippets
  • Auto complete
  • Repeat last action
  • Build tool integration
  • Automatic build on save
  • WinSCP integration for editing remote files via SCP and FTP

Probadlo y a ver qué os parece!!

Instalar varios programas en lote con Ninite


Ninite es un servicio donde podemos marcar varios programas que deseemos instalar, y la web nos genera un ejecutable que lo instalará todo sin problemas.

Ninite procede a buscar la última versión disponible de los programas. Todos los programas son gratuitos o de pago en modo de evaluación.

Algunos programas que podemos encontrar son:

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Thunderbird, iTunes, VLC, K-Lite, Spotify, Office 2007 (versión de evaluación), OpenOffice, PDF Reader, Avast, Ad-Aware, Microsoft Essentials, AVG, eMule, Dropbox, JDK, Eclipse, FileZilla, TrueCrypt, TeamViewer, uTorrent, CCleaner, Adobe AIR, .NET, Steam,…

Ir a ninite.com ->